Engineered Timber Floors

The appeal of natural timber floors is undeniable and has transcended design eras and trends.    A tasteful and timeless feature of any home, Engineered Hardwood floors can transform any space through their rich colours and variations.  Due to the organic nature of timber, no two boards are ever the same allowing you to create beautiful designs that are truly unique and cannot be replicated.

Although the investment is slightly higher for Engineered Timber floorboards than for their faux counterparts, their value is well represented in the form of luxury and reliability.  Unlike solid hardwood floors, Engineered Timber floors are also far more stable making them less susceptible to expansion and contraction with changes in temperature and humidity.

You will be pleased to know that there is no post-installation work required which ensures there is minimal disruption to your home life during the transition.  Engineered Hardwood floorboards do not require acclimation and come pre-finished so you can immediately enjoy your new flooring once it has been installed.

A properly cared for Engineered Timber floor can have a lifespan of up to 20 years, it will come at a fraction of the cost of solid hardwood floors and can add real value to your home.


If you are opting for a timber floor, you’ll want to ensure the product you choose can retain it’s beauty for years to come.  The Quick Step Timber Flooring ranges have been designed with exactly this in mind. In your busy household, your flooring needs to withstand a lot – mud, wine, chocolate sauce and other mess. To combat this, Surface & Edge Protect+ technology by Quick Step repels moisture to stop fluids from seeping into joins and prevents dirt and grime from settling into grains. If you’re looking for a timber floor that’s easy to maintain, then Quick Step has exactly what you’re looking for!



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We use an express delivery service to get up to 3 FREE Samples, packed in a contact-free way and delivered to your home. You can then choose to have flooring delivered directly to your home, or if preferred, we can arrange collection from our store. Either way, you can be confident knowing that everyone practices hygienic handling of your new floor.

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  • Natural Authenticity – no two boards the same
  • Affordable Luxury – Engineered Floors are a fraction of the cost of solid timber floors
  • More stable than solid timber
  • Easier to install than solid timber
  • No acclimation time required
  • Pre-finished and ready for immediate use after installation
  • Exceptional beauty that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.



  • Which fabric is right for me?



    Blocks out the light and harmful UV radiation. Blockout fabrics also provide excellent thermal properties and are available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Delivers daytime privacy and obscures views in the evening, however allows natural light to filter into your space and will offer some protection against UV.  Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Offer daytime privacy and some UV Protection. Screen fabrics come in a variety of openness factors which will determine the view through, light through and UV protection.  Available in a range of textures and colours.