Internal / Indoor Shutters

Our range of internal shutter products is both practical and beautiful and adds a sense of elegance to each room. Each shutter can be made from a large range of materials, from natural timbers to a selection of synthetic products. Each material type is chosen for its individual characteristics, whether it be durability, warmth, grain pattern, colour or suitability for special environments, and all materials used are of the highest quality.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to mounting your shutters – select from hinged, bi-fold, sliding and fixed applications to best suit the needs of each individual opening and space within your home.

Our Internal shutter products provide long term value and are manufactured with the same attention to detail as a fine piece of furniture. Trouble free design, raw materials sourcing, hand crafting, sanding, finishing and even packaging come together allowing us to provide our customers with a superior quality product.


  • Unique style and appeal
  • Adds value to your property
  • Flexible light control & privacy
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent thermal resistance improving energy efficiency
  • Custom designs, colours and shapes
  • Longevity, value for money
  • Durable materials


Bayview Thermo25 poly plantation shutters are slim, elegant, and outstanding and have the power to lend an opulent look to any room in your home. They feature an aluminium core that passes through a polyresin blade, giving strength to the overall design.

Our high-quality Thermo25 polyresin plantation shutters are designed to be stylish and strong, resistant to chipping, cracking or splitting, and are easy to care for.


Premium Basswood is the best quality timber ideal for making plantation shutters. This material is light in weight yet durable in comparison to other hardwoods. It has outstanding dimensional stability and strength and is a superior-quality timber preferred by many manufacturers to make plantation shutters.

Basswood is a material that can be sanded or painted as it has tight pores and an even texture. This means it’s possible to give it any finish to match the furniture of your home.

Bayview Shutters understands the importance of high-quality plantation shutters, which is why we manufacture our products using premium Basswood. Our goal is to give our clients nothing but the best, so our experts only pick the best of Basswood to get perfect final results.


  • Which fabric is right for me?



    Blocks out the light and harmful UV radiation. Blockout fabrics also provide excellent thermal properties and are available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Delivers daytime privacy and obscures views in the evening, however allows natural light to filter into your space and will offer some protection against UV.  Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Offer daytime privacy and some UV Protection. Screen fabrics come in a variety of openness factors which will determine the view through, light through and UV protection.  Available in a range of textures and colours.