Vertical Blinds are able to provide light and privacy control via the ability to rotate blades through 180°, or set them at any angle in between. In addition to this, varied control options are available to suit a variety of window or door layouts. Our Vertical Blinds can be cord /chain operated or wand control, and are a practical solution for large door areas.

With a choice of light filter or blockout fabrics, which are also available to use in Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Panel Glides, you can achieve seamless coordination between products. Which fabric is right for me?

Impressions Vertical Blinds come in an 89mm or 127mm blade width and have an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures.  All of our Vertical Blinds are proudly made in Australia.


  • Which fabric is right for me?



    Blocks out the light and harmful UV radiation. Blockout fabrics also provide excellent thermal properties and are available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Delivers daytime privacy and obscures views in the evening, however allows natural light to filter into your space and will offer some protection against UV.  Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Offer daytime privacy and some UV Protection. Screen fabrics come in a variety of openness factors which will determine the view through, light through and UV protection.  Available in a range of textures and colours.