Panel Glide Blinds Central Coast

Panel Glide blinds are designed to have panels of fabric overlap with each other, essentially minimising the light penetration into the room and making it suitable for all areas that require light to be minimised.

Due to their flexible sizing options, Panel Glides are an ideal solution for covering large windows and sliding doors and can also be used as room dividers

Panel Glides are available in three simple, yet elegant designs which each allow the fabric to be the main attraction.   Let the fabric of your choosing make a statement on its own, or opt for simple elegance with the sewless option (adding soft tuck lines along the fabric), or even boldly contrast or complement the fabric by using timber plantation style battens along the front of the panels.

At Derry’s Flooring Warehouse, all of our panel glides are handcrafted with care in Australia, and with an extensive selection of fabrics and finishes – we believe our panel glides will deliver the wow-factor you are looking for.

Which fabric is right for me?


  • Which fabric is right for me?



    Blocks out the light and harmful UV radiation. Blockout fabrics also provide excellent thermal properties and are available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Delivers daytime privacy and obscures views in the evening, however allows natural light to filter into your space and will offer some protection against UV.  Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours.


    Offer daytime privacy and some UV Protection. Screen fabrics come in a variety of openness factors which will determine the view through, light through and UV protection.  Available in a range of textures and colours.