Installing An Engineered Timber Flooring

Natural timber flooring adds a timeless aesthetic to any home. With the emergence of engineered timber products, more and more people are able to enjoy the rich tones, feel and great design possibilities a timber floor has to offer. If you’re considering engineered timber flooring but want to know more, read on – we’ve put together this helpful guide of everything you need to know about this fantastic flooring product.

Engineered Timber Comes In A Wide Range Of Designs And Styles

When you choose engineered timber flooring, you’ll enjoy the great versatility, beauty and detail that comes with choosing a natural product. Our engineered flooring comes in various styles to meet all customer tastes and needs:

  • Blackbutt: An Australian hardwood with great durability, Blackbutt is incredibly resistant to indentation. The wood may carry insect marks, fine surface cracks, and prominent gum veins which are all part of its unique appeal.
  • Tasmanian Oak: This flooring variety blends straw-coloured or pink hardwood species from Tasmania. It’s moderately resistant to indentation and occasionally might develop surface splits or checks.
  • Spotted Gum: For outstanding hardness and variation of colour, choose Spotted Gum. It’s an Australian hardwood which will add a great aesthetic to your space. You may notice some fine surface cracks, which are characteristic of the wood.
  • Sydney Blue Gum: Colour variation and moderate hardness are the hallmark features of Sydney Blue Gum timber. This wood often features a range of trails and borer marks, which are characteristic of its aesthetic.
  • Jarrah: A hardwood from Western Australia, Jarrah carries incredible indentation resistance and a wide range of colour variations from pale pinks or greys to deep reds. This wood darkens over time, reddening and becoming more consistent in tone.
  • Oak: One of the most popular flooring options on the market, European Oak varies from pale straw to medium-brown options. Its appeal is enhanced by its characteristic knots and medullary rays.
  • Merbau: This flooring option hails from southeast Asia. A reddish-brown, durable hardwood, Merbau often features a slight, yellow-coloured fleck in its grain.

Engineered Timber Flooring Is Easy To Install

With engineered timber flooring, gone is the hassle of costly, time-consuming installation. Instead, all you’ll need to worry about is whether you want floating or glued-down installation.

Floating installation relies on the right underlay for your floor.

Glued-down timber flooring carries great benefits. It helps reduce reflected walking sounds, encourages adhesion even in the warmest conditions, allows breathing and expansion with fluctuations in temperature, and boosts your return with heating systems you might have in place.

Engineered Timber Is Low Maintenance

Engineered timber flooring is finished with quality products to effectively defend the surface against scuffs, marks, wear and scratches. Our timber flooring comes with Surface & Edge Protect+ technology by Quick Step – a water-resistant proofing to protect the open grain and joints from water and dirt. With such incredible features, your timber flooring will look great in the long term.

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